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May contain traces of Jamie Oliver

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Jamie's popular range of Penne

There were calls yesterday for Jamie Oliver to remove his range of pasta from leading supemarkets amid claims that ‘Jamie Oliver Penne’ was actually made from Jamie Oliver.

A group of lobbyists is being led by mother of three Harriet Briggs, 37 from Potters Bar, who told Archers News: “As I was boiling some penne I casually glimpsed the small print on the packet and could hardly believe my eyes. It states ‘this penne is made from Jamie Oliver including his eyebrows, sweat and tears and over 50 other ingredients from his body. I thought I was dreaming’.

When we called Jamie Oliver Ltd, a spokesman told us “We’re clearly disappointed if one or two of our customers aren’t happy with any of our products however we do very clearly state this product is Jamie Oliver Penne and is made from Jamie“.

The spokesman added “It’s a little like being surprised that tomatos are one of the main ingredients in tomato sauce”.

Essence of Lloyd in Jalfrezi Sauce

Food and Drink editor for The Times, Carolyn Hart said “Jamie Oliver is by no means the only chef to incorporate his own body into food. One of the main ingredients in Lloyd Grossman Jalfrezi sauce is ‘distilled essence of Lloyd’. Heston Blumenthal’s taster menu at the Fat Duck also famously states ‘sauces marked with an asterisk contain my own flob, spoodge and wee’.

Jamie Oliver Penne is the third most popular pasta in Britain and won a Gold Fusilli  at the International Pasta Festival  in 2008.

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